Our Process

Our Process

Making something is always a process. It’s different for everyone and everything, particularly when you choose to make your things in far-away places like Nepal.

Our design process is a collaborative experience that evolves over conversations about what we like, what we see trending in the marketplace and what can actually be made in Nepal. We sketch ideas, play with patterns, send emails, sew samples and source hardware. We often hand-carry or ship our hardware to Nepal as it is difficult to find quality hardware there. Rome Fastener in Connecticut has been a great help to us. We love that they are a long-time Made in the USA, family-run business and take the time to work with the small guys like us. Our newest partners Yala Mandala, based in Nepal are exploring hand-forged hardware with us. It is our hope that at some point every element of our pieces will be made in Nepal.

We plan our trips to Nepal based on market deadlines. Things take time in Nepal so we build our delivery schedules knowing this. Full production once samples are approved takes anywhere from 2-4 months. It’s imperative to spend time with our artisans in the development process — it’s essentially our reason for being. Currently we are there for 4-8 weeks a year, but it never seems like long enough. the time spent with our teams is focused on getting our samples to a place that we are confident that they will be carried through full production. It’s always hard to leave. Despite the endless turmoil in Nepal, it is an incredibly hospitable country that takes you in and treats you like its own.

We currently work with four different groups in the Kathmandu Valley. Our time on the ground is split between meetings, spending time with artisans, working on samples, sourcing natural materials and researching new ideas. Each year, we are thrilled to meet more like-minded individuals who are not only creating dignified jobs for the Nepali people, but honoring their heritage and keeping age-old handicraft alive. Plus, exploring in the valley and villages is an endless source of inspiration. You never know what you will find. We met Yala Mandala our jewelry partners by taking a wrong turn down an alley.

Our favorite part of this venture is ultimately meeting the artisans, learning about their lives and working alongside them. It’s so very different from our daily lives, it’s both humbling and inspiring to hear about what they must overcome on a daily basis. They know so much more about how things can be done than we do. Being knee-deep in their creative process is a joy that there really are no words for.

We are reminded when we face challenges in our production or quality issues, that these are all part of the process. Life is hard in Nepal, and working there is no exception. Recently two massive earthquakes shook this already fragile country to its core. Nepal will be rebuilding for years to come. As a result of this, we are even more committed to investing in our current partners, seeking stability and continued growth for them. They persevere. We persevere. And it’s in the midst of this bustling creative process where beauty is created and lives are changed.

As stated above, collaboration is the name of the game for us. MULXIPLY wouldn’t exist without Nepal and it wouldn’t exist without YOU. Every single piece that makes its way to our website, to your shop, and to your hands, brings with it a story. Thank you for being part of it.