Our Partners

Our Partners

Our mission is to stabilize economies in the developing world through creating dignified jobs by investing in indigenous, artisanal businesses who collaborate to produce our contemporary designs via age-old techniques. In doing so, we are keeping heritage handicraft alive and providing local employment in societies where those with little or no education are at risk of being trafficked to other countries or enslaved in migrant worker schemes abroad.

We partner with people and organizations that mirror this mission because they love and understand their country far more than we ever can. We consider it an honor to work alongside these teams. We are humbled by their expertise and willingness to take on our projects.


The Association for Craft Producers Nepal (ACP):


Founded in 1984 with just 38 producers, ACP now employs over 1,200 artisans, of which 90% are female. ACP recognizes the need for female employment in both rural and urban settings, providing opportunity for both. Situated at the foot of the Himalayas, ACP also recognizes the exquisite beauty of their country and as stated on their website, “takes careful and deliberate steps to preserve our environment”.

The current Executive Director, Meera Bhattaraihas nurtured the growth of ACP for over ten years placing it at the forefront of the Fair Trade movement in Nepal. She understands the plight, particularly of women in Nepal and fosters an environment of “future-thinking”. In addition to a fair wage, each employee is provided with an interest bearing retirement fund, a monthly stipend for employees who keep their children in school for 4 consecutive years, a medical allowance, and a Producer’s Alliance which protects and encourages knowledge of employee rights. Most of these benefits are not the norm in the developing world and certainly not a right.

Since our launch in 2012, we have worked tirelessly with ACP. They produced our original felt + leather collection, our canvas + leather collection and our forthcoming leather accessories.

Yala Mandala:


We took a wrong turn down an alley in Patan’s Durbar Square and wandered in to the surprising studio and passion project of Pravin Chitrakar. A true visionary, our journey with Pravin and his team of artisans has been nothing but rewarding. His commitment to keeping Nepali handicraft alive and thriving is so contagious, you can’t help but intentionally design projects for his team to create. He understands Nepal more than anyone I have met in this process. He loves his country with such dedication, you know he’s in it for the long haul.

Pravin is an artist first. Therefore, his outlook on the world around him is largely aesthetic. He doesn’t see an old house falling in on itself. No, he sees an opportunity to construct a creative space for artisans to display and sell their work. Instead of building a factory, he found a space with a garden in the middle so his metal workers could work in an airy space with ventilation and sunshine. He’s built an expansive atelier which includes: metalsmithing, weaving and paper making. He understand without a doubt that in order for Nepali handicraft to stay alive, it must adapt to the market, which therefore makes working with him and his team a collaborative dream.

Featured in the photos above is Mahendra. We love his story because is represents innovation, hope and risk. He was working as the security guard for Pravin’s studio. One day when they were chatting, Pravin asked him what he’d want to do if you could anything. Turns out, he really wanted to learn the art of metalsmithing. We wanted to make jewelry. So, Pravin took a chance on him and now he is one of Yala’s finest artisans. He made our samples, which were and are exquisite. We also love that Pravin named his sister his Chief Financial Officer. Julia, pictured top right is a calm yet driving force in the business. Both brilliant and gracious, she is a part of what makes Yala Mandala mission so successful. She is also a major advocate for the women’s equality movement in Nepal.

Yala Mandala produced our entire jewelry collection as well as our gift boxes.